Nixon Williams are a market leading accountancy practice and have been supporting the accountancy and taxation needs of contractors and freelancers throughout the UK since 1995. Our reputation has been established as a result of: 

  • Our 20 years of experience in supporting contractors and freelancers;
  • Our skilled team of accountants who are based entirely in the UK;
  • Listening to feedback and tailoring our service around the needs of our clients; and
  • By offering a good quality, cost-effective solution to our clients.


Once you have referred your candidate to us the quality of the service we provide will be of the highest possible standard, maintaining the good reputation of yourselves and of Nixon Williams. 


Accountancy Packages

Our all-inclusive accountancy packages include the following benefits to make limited company finance straight forward for your candidate:

  • We will register company with Companies House and HMRC;
  • We will provide single point of contact to be on hand to answer any questions and offer advice;
  • We will produce accounts and tax returns to ensure compliance with relevant legislation;
  • We will inform them how much they can pay to themselves from their company;
  • We will inform them of how much tax to pay and when to pay it.

For more detail on our accountancy packages please visit our Accountancy Packages page.  



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New Business

Our New Business team will work with you and your candidate to ensure the set up is handled speedily to ensure they can start working on the contract you have sourced without delay.

  • Certificate of Incorporation, VAT certificate and bank details sent over to recruitment consultant immediately upon receipt;
  • Take-home pay and equivalent salary calculations to assist you to agree a daily rate with your client;
  • We can discuss with your candidates the benefits and drawbacks of each trading option.