Working for yourself means that you have to make all the decisions, from your company name to how to plan for your retirement. Using an experienced accountant will make your financial responsibilities simple to understand and easy to manage, relieving you of some of your workload and saving you money at the same time.

Our accountants are experts when it comes to representing contractors and limited companies, and we are always happy to welcome new clients who want a safe pair of hands to deal with their finances. The process of switching is simple and we can provide everything you need to ensure the smooth running of your business as well as helping you to increase your profits and plan for your future. It’s really easy to switch – just call our new business team on 01253 362062 and they will talk you through the process and tell you what we need to make a smooth transition from your current arrangements to our easy, hassle-free service.

As a contractor, you could be paying more than you need to, particularly if you’re using an Umbrella Company. Changing the way you operate could save you significant sums on your annual bills and our accountants could make the process of switching simple and easy without you having to complete copious amounts of complex paperwork.

Our accountants are well-versed in areas which particularly affect contractors, such as how IR35 could apply to you and whether you could use the Flat Rate VAT Scheme in order to save money. You could also benefit from our in-depth understanding of the rules surrounding expenses and operational matters such as whether you could make savings on your National Insurance Contributions.

For just £95 + VAT a month, our Premier Service offers you a range of services which will ensure that your finances are all in order and you are taking advantage of all the savings available to you. This package includes dedicated support from an accountant who will:

  • Manage your payroll and provide payslips for all your employees
  • Compile profit statements for your company
  • Calculate your VAT returns and ensure that relevant payments are made
  • Calculate PAYE payments
  • File all relevant paperwork with HMRC, including annual accounts, corporation tax return and personal tax return for one of your company’s directors.
  • Handle your National Insurance Contributions
  • Prepare all necessary paperwork for Companies House, including accounts and annual return
  • Other services as and when required such as providing ongoing support via phone and email, dealing with HMRC and Companies House, updating records, providing references etc.

You will be allocated with your own accountant, who will have access to their direct line and email to enable you to get in touch whenever you need to about any issues which may arise. This means that you will never need to worry about racking up additional bills by asking for advice and we understand that you want to feel confident about your finances so we are always happy to help.

The fact that we specialise in representing independent professionals means that we have a unique understanding of the challenges that you might face and the potential savings available to you. You could save thousands of pounds a year by reorganising your finances and our job is to ensure that you can maximise your income and keep your outgoings as low as possible.

Whatever your current set-up, we can offer advice and information on how to ensure that you get to enjoy your hard-earned income, and all we need from you is a few details to get started. Whether you have been trading for years or are just starting out, we are here to help, so call our new business team on 01253 362062, emailing or completing our online application form.