Contractors often download apps that promise to make them work more effectively and efficiently when they are out and about.

The choice of apps within the contractor world is diverse and sometimes confusing. Here’s a rundown of the best apps whether you’re hunting for work, tracking your time, looking at accounts or networking with clients and fellow contractors.

Finding a contract

Proactively finding work is the springboard for contractor success and there are plenty of clever apps out there to achieve this.

JobServe is a contractor staple and comes with its own set of apps for mobile devices. This includes the ability to set up job alerts and swipe through job descriptions, instead of scrolling through a cumbersome list on your mobile device.

There are also some great specialist contractor sites, such as Jobscribe for developers hunting for remote work. Other popular job search apps include Totaljobs and Indeed and most major job sites have their own apps, so search around to find your favourite.

Time management

Your smart phone’s default calendar app may not be up to the job of effective time management. There are plenty of free feature-rich alternatives, or you can pay a little extra to access some more complex calendar apps. SunriseToggl and Calendars 5 are great tools for this purpose, but you will need to explore which option best fits your way of working.

Paperless paperwork

Accessing and editing documentation from your mobile device can be a tricky, but necessary requirement for any contractor.

Google Drive allows you to store, share and access documents of any type from the Cloud. You can also access Drive from your mobile device or desktop with 15GB of free storage.

Dropbox is another useful, robust app for storing and sharing files online and Evernote is also a popular app to store and share notes and ideas on the fly - and then synchronise them across a multitude of devices.

Book keeping

Unfortunately, no one has invented a clever app to automatically fill in your tax return - but there are plenty of handy tax calculators in app form. Our Contractor Calculator is a great example as well as the company having its own Limited vs Umbrella information that contains a simple guide to help you work out which approach you will benefit from.

Starting out in contracting

Community matters

The Contractor UK Forum is a great mobile-optimised space for freelancers to browse forums and get support from the wider contractor community.

Social network site LinkedIn also has a whole host of mobile apps to keep you connected with your existing contacts and market your business to potential clients. The LinkedIn Connected app keeps you updated with any changes within your network and also integrates with your phone’s contacts and calendar.

Skype also allows you to communicate with other Skype users for free and call ‘normal’ numbers for a fraction of the price compared to a traditional landline. You can also buy a Skype number to make and receive calls from your mobile or desktop.

Want more?

These apps are a great starting point for tech savvy contractors but it is worth hunting around for other potentially useful apps including maps, calculators, directories and other specialist tools. App Crawlr can help you explore the available options to improve your contractor work on the go.

But a word to the wise - don’t fill your phone with irrelevant apps. Remember to try before you buy as not every app is suitable for every business, and delete those underused apps if they are not a fit for your contractor work.

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