Choosing to go it alone and take the next step in your construction career as a limited company director is a big and exciting step. Whilst there may be a little extra work and responsibility, we think you’ll agree that the benefits far outweigh any extra work you have to do. From being able to choose your own rate of pay, claim extra expenses and having full control over your business – we’ve listed a few of the benefits below.

Increase your take home pay

As a limited company director, you could take home around 75-80% of your contract rate. This is in comparison to the 60% that an umbrella employee would take home.

Claim more expenses

Depending which sector of the construction industry you work in, you may already be familiar with expense claims. As a limited company director the expenses you can claim, however, goes much further than claiming tax back on tools and the cost of travelling to different sites. For more information on what you can claim as a limited company expense, see our guide to expenses.

Extra security

As a company director, your personal finances will exist separately to your business. This means that you will not be liable for any financial losses made by your business and your personal assets will be protected.

A discount for CHAS members

We at Nixon Williams have partnered with CHAS to provide their members with an exclusive discount: receive your second month free after your initial first month payment.


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