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Our free resources section has been developed to help both guide and provide advice to contractors. Our 20 years experience of working with contractors has helped us develop our online tools and guides. Our free resources section contains all of the must-have tools you will need as a contractor.

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New to Contracting?

Limited Company Guide

Contracting can be a very rewarding career, with the main benefits being: increased pay, flexible working and becoming your own boss. We have listed some of the most common specialist sectors, which choose to become contractors. As experts in this field, we have created a useful 'Getting Started as a Contractor Guide'.

Limited Company vs Umbrella

Limited vs. UmbrellaWhen becoming a contractor there are two main options to choose from (depending on how you wish to operate). Working through an Umbrella company does come with it's benefits; however, some contractors decide against this as the overall take home pay tends to be less than a limited company.

Forming your own Limited Company is the most tax efficient way of operating, which can mean that your take home pay is higher. Operating as your own limited company also provides extra benefits.

For more information on how to form a Limited Company, please click here.

Our Services

Nixon Williams can offer you a full accountancy service for just £95 +VAT including you own account controller, year end returns, file corporation tax returns and many more.

Starting out as a contractor can seem daunting however Nixon Williams can offer many tools in order to help you discover if contracting is right for you. Our Free Resources can be used to show you how becoming a contractor could work for you.

Starting out in contracting


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