From higher rates of pay to career progression and flexible working hours, contractors enjoy a range of benefits to compensate for the lack of job security, sick pay, holiday entitlement and other perks of full-time employment that are not available to them. Many professionals feel like the benefits of contracting outweigh any negative aspects, making it an increasingly popular choice for business specialists across a variety of industries from Healthcare to IT.

Our easy to read sector specific guides provide information and advice on how to become a contractor in your niche. From rates of pay to help finding your first contract, our guides cover a range of topics and provide guidance for those considering starting out in the world of contracting.

For more information on becoming a contractor in your sector, take a look at the guide that is specific to your industry. Some of our specialist guides are listed below.

If you are new to the world of contracting and would like more information on getting started please contact a member of our new business team on or 01253 362062 who will be happy to answer any of your questions.