Starting your own limited company is an attractive option for the self-employed. For contractors & freelancers, it can allow you to operate more tax efficiently, as well as reducing the level of risk that could result from other business structures, such as a sole trader. 

Setting up a limited company is the most popular route that contractors & freelancers take, but it can also be the one that raises the most questions. From incorporating a business to managing a cash surplus, setting up a limited company can be complex.

If you are puzzled about any aspect of setting up a limited company - do not worry. We have created a guide for everything you need along the way.

Running a limited company How to manage cash surplus

Running a limited company

Wondering what you need to do as a limited company director? We have compiled a thorough guide answering all of your questions about running your own company.

How to manage a cash surplus

There are lots of opportunities when you accrue a cash surplus in a limited company. From dividends to investments, we have detailed the options available for you. 

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Limited company contractor Umbrella to limited company

Limited company contractors

Working through your own limited company is just one way to increase your earnings from each contract you undertake. Find out how it works with our guide. 

Umbrella to limited company

Sometimes what originally worked for you may not be applicable as you progress on your self-employed journey. If you’re considering making the change from an umbrella company to your own limited company, find out how below.

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Should i pay myself salary or dividends? How to take money out of a limited company

Should I pay myself salary or dividends?

When working within a limited company structure, you will have to decide what is the best way to extract money from your organisation. We have detailed the options avaliable for you. 

How to take money out of a limited company

Taking money out of a limited isn't as straightforward as taking money out of an ATM. This is why we have put together a guide on how to take money out of your limited company.

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Guide to dividends Dormant company guide

Guide to dividends

What are dividends? How do they work? Are dividends better than a salary? We break down all you need to know about dividends in our easy-to-read guide, detailing why they are an option you should consider as a contractor.

Making a limited company dormant

What does it mean to make your limited company dormant? In this guide we explain exactly what making a dormant company entails and when it is best applicable.

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Limited company faqs  

Limited companies - frequently asked questions

We are frequently asked questions about how to set up a limited company & how to run it on a day-to-day basis. From investment to annual returns, we have answered the questions we are asked most often.


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