Are you looking for more information as a newcomer to the contracting world? Or are you an experienced IT contractor who is looking to go over a specific topic you don’t deal with all too often?

We have been providing accountancy services & advice to IT contractors for nearly twenty years - which is why we have composed numerous guides to help you better understand the IT contracting industry.

From defining what IT contracting is to calculating your hourly rate as a IT contractor, we have you covered.

What is an IT Contractor? IT Contractor Rates

What is an IT contractor?

Learn more about how the IT industry has grown & how professionals can benefit from contracting. We also detail how hiring IT contractors can be beneficial for both clients & professionals.

IT contractor Rates

Your rate of pay can be determined by a lot of different variables, from your own skills to the market demand to your deal-making skills. We have drawn up examples to determine how much your skillset could be worth. 

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IT Contractor Limited Company

IT Contracting Career for Me

IT contractors & limited companies

Are you looking to work in the IT industry? It may be beneficial for you to contract through a limited company. Find out why here. Contracting through your own limited company could be the best way to operate. Find out why here. 

Is IT contracting the career for me?

Contracting has its benefits, but is it the right route for you and your circumstances? Read our guide to assess whether contracting in the IT industry is the right choice for you.

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