If you contract through your own limited company, IR35 is a subject which you will always be mindful of. But determining your status isn’t always a straightforward process, and being caught inside IR35 can be costly.

We always endeavour to make the lives of the self-employed as easy as possible, which is why we offer a comprehensive IR35 review service for our clients.

How is my IR35 status determined?

HMRC’s determining factors can be complex and will generally vary from contract to contract. However, there are a few deciding factors which they will judge your IR35 status on:


The right to provide a substitute if you are unable to undertake your duties is important to help distinguish you from a permanent employee. 

Direction and Control

Providing your services through your own limited company means that it’s likely you will have a greater level of control over your working hours and conditions than a permanent employee. HMRC will consider your levels of autonomy and to what extent your end client controls your hours of work, your conditions and the job that you undertake. 

Mutuality of Obligation

As a permanent employee, it’s likely that your employer would ask you to fulfil certain tasks even if they don’t fall under your remit. For contractors, it’s generally accepted that you will be required to fulfil exactly what was agreed by your client for a set number of time and to move on once the work has been completed.

What’s involved in an IR35 review?

We understand that when it comes to IR35, it’s not a one size fits all. Our expert accountants are well versed in the technicalities and can offer expert insight and opinions based on your unique circumstances.

We will review each intricacy of your contract and will provide you with an informed opinion by looking at how your contract fares against HMRC's complex criteria. You can then decide how you would like us to treat this contract. 

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