If you contract or freelance within the UK, IR35 is one of the most important pieces of legislation that you will have to understand. The legislation has been active in the United Kingdom since the turn of the 21st century and is constantly evolving as time goes on.

There are many questions and myths around the IR35 legislation, from ‘what is the HMRC's criteria’ to ‘my accountant told me I am IR35 compliant because of X, Y and Z’.

Here at Nixon Williams, we have been advising contractors & freelancers on IR35 for nearly twenty years. Using this expertise, we have compiled the most asked questions around IR35 and busted a few myths in the process.

What is IR35 Inside or Outside IR35

What is IR35?

First of all, what actually is IR35? Find out all about IR35 and what it means for contractors & freelancers.

Inside or Outside IR35

Wondering whether your contract makes you inside or outside of IR35? Read our advice to find out what distinguishes both and how your status is determined. 

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IR35 Checklist IR35 Rules

IR35 Checker

Do you know your IR35 status? With our IR35 Checker, you can quickly evaluate whether you’re inside or out using criteria from the HMRC. 

IR35 Rules

What are the rules of IR35? There’s plenty of rules to abide by when it comes to IR35. In this section, we outline how to stay outside and what happens if you’re caught inside.

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IR35 The Complete Guide HMRC

IR35 - The Complete Guide

Our comprehensive guide covers the intricacies and complexities of IR35. Read to discover all of the ins and outs and find out all you need to know about your responsibilities.

HMRC Inspectors

The likelihood of being inspected by the HMRC has increased in recent years. Find out about HMRC inspections and the rights of a limited company director.

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IR35 Review  

IR35 Review

We offer a specialist IR35 review service to have your contract looked over by one of our expert accounts. We understand no IR35 case is the same, which is why we go through your contract on a case by case basis.


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If you have any questions regarding IR35, please call our new business team on 01253 362062 or email contractoradvice@nixonwilliams.com