Becoming a freelancer or contractor means greater control over your finances. Whether this is personal or business, you have the ability to do everything from allocating what resource goes into your limited company to allocating your own expenses allowance.

Taking control of your personal finances is often seen as one of the best perks of working for yourself. Though despite these freedoms, working as a limited company director, a freelancer or contractor means you will likely have few clear options when it comes to pensions or childcare support. 

In this section, we explain the options you may have when it comes to your own money so you’re as well informed as possible.

Contractor Guide to Pensions Contractors Guide to Childcare

Contractors Guide to Pensions

We have put together some guidelines to help you understand your options when it comes to planning for your retirement.

Childcare Support for Contractors

Here at Nixon Williams we have put together a guide explaining everything you need to know about tax free childcare and who qualifies. 

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