Have you ever wondered what making the move to contracting is really like? With our Life as a Contractor hub you can now view experiences from real contractors who have made the move themselves.

IT Contractor expert Gemma Church, shares her real life experiences on her move to contracting. Including why she decided to make the move, helpful tips she would pass on to any new contractors from getting yourself motivated to getting that perfect work life balance and most importantly clearing up those scare mongering rumours amongst permanent employees about being a contractor. To read the full entry click here.

Gemma Church, IT Contractor shares with us her experience of what the life of a contractor is really like. From a variety of aspects such as money, the lifestyle and the many benefits which come with contracting, Gemma shares her insights, and helpful tips for new contractors or those who are thinking of making the move. To read the full entry click here.

Finding that first contract can be challenging, so Gemma Church has offered her experience to illustrate what finding the first contract is really like. From working with recruitment agencies to seeking out professional roles herself, Gemma shares some of her tips and insights into the life of a contractor. To read the full entry click here

Negotiating your rate of pay as a contractor can seem challenging and a little daunting. Gemma Church, the freelancer writer who gets tech shares her insights and experiences with us, to illustrate what negotiating your rate of pay is really like, as a contractor. To read the full entry click here.

Choosing how you operate when you decide to work for yourself can sometimes be a little overwhelming, from registering as self employed, to sole traders and so on. So Gemma Church, the freelance writer who gets tech, lets us in on why she chose to operate as a limited company. To read the full entry click here.