Nixon Williams have conducted a contractor survey, which surveyed over 1000 contractors across a variety of sectors. We believe that by identifying the current trends through comparing, monitoring and analysing, we can give you an edge in this competitive marketplace.

This survey was designed to look into the availability of contracts, which sectors contractors work and what today’s contractor marketplace is like.

The key findings from the survey are listed below:

  • Over 50% of contractors work in the IT sector
  • Most contractors are between the ages of 31-40
  • Contracting is mostly male dominated
  • The most popular daily rate is between £500 and £750
  • Over half of the work was located in London
  • Higher rate of pay was most popular as to why they enjoy being a contractor.

To view the survey in full, please click here.

There are many other benefits to a contracting life such as freedom of work and a better work / life balance, all of which you can read about on our Starting up as a Contractor page.

If you have any questions about contracting, or just getting started please contact a member of our new business team on or 01253 362062 who will be happy to answer any of your questions.