Every six months we at Nixon Williams conduct a survey of our contractor client base to help us and you keep up to date with the changing views and opinions of the contracting market. Each survey is shaped by contractors who work in a variety of sectors and roles, creating some interesting results. 

This survey was designed to identify, compare, monitor and analyse the progression of key industry trends and attitudes within the contractor market. It’s interesting for Nixon Williams to see the changes that can occur year on year within the results. 

We hope that you enjoy the findings from our surveys below.

The most recent contractor survey 

Approximately 1000 of our contractor clients completed our third contractor survey, which covers the period from July – December 2016. 

Key findings from the July-December 2016 survey:

  • 41% of contracts are located in London
  • 93% of contractors would recommend this way of working to a friend
  • 27% of contractors have seen their rates increase, this is the highest proportion ever reported
  • 37% of contractors enjoy being viewed as an industry expert

Nixon Williams Contractor Survey July - December 2016Click here for full information from this survey

Past Contractor Surveys

Contractor survey 2016

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If you have any questions about contracting or are keen to get started with Nixon Williams, please contact a member of our new business team on 01253 362062 or by emailing contractoradvice@nixonwilliams.com and we will be happy to help.