Samaritans SHUSH Listening Tips

When you want to be there for someone and show them you care, but you're not sure how to reach out, what should you do? The Samaritans' SHUSH tips shows how you can help someone open up and feel listened to:

1. Show you care

Focus on the other person, make eye contact, put away your phone.

2. Have patience

It may take time and several attempts before a person is ready to open up.

3. Use open questions

That need more than a yes/no answer and follow up eg. 'tell me more'.

4. Say it back

To check you've understood. But don't interrupt or offer a solution.

5. Have courage

Don't be put off by a negative response, and most importantly, don't feel like you have to fill a silence.

Want to know more?

Whether you're unsure how to reach out to someone you care about or you're looking for someone to talk to, the Samaritans are on hand to help. Give them a call on 116 123.