Insurance is a brilliant security blanket to have. Damaged your new iPhone? No problem, your mobile phone insurance will cover that. Your beloved family dog has damaged their paw? Don’t worry - pet insurance take cares of those high vet costs. But what happens if you’re self-employed and you get too sick to work? Without an employer, who will take care of that?

Don’t panic though, this simply means getting the relevant protection for yourself should anything happen. We work closely with specialist insurance providers to supply business insurance to our clients. But are you still wondering what professional indemnity insurance actually is? Or whether you can still get that private healthcare plan you got at your last job before going solo? We have broken down all the insurance must knows in our guides below.

Private healthcare insurance What is personal indemnity insurance

Private healthcare insurance

We have partnered with AXA PPP to provide private medical insurance to our clients. See how you can benefit here.

What is professional indemnity insurance?

Do you know what professional indemnity insurance is? Find out what it is, how it impacts contractors and why you should consider why to take over cover. 

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Professional indemnity insurance quotation Professional indemnity insurance faqs

Professional indemnity insurance quotation

Professional indemnity insurance can give you peace of mind as a contractor and is often mandatory to have before taking on certain contracts. Get a quote estimate here.  

Professional indemnity insurance FAQs

Still have questions about professional indemnity insurance? We have put together answers to some of the most frequent questions we are asked.

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Contractor Insurance What type of insurance for me?

A guide for insurance for contractors

Getting insurance not only protects you, but your clients too. In this guide we explain the different types of insurance for contractors and why you need to be insured.

What type of business insurance do I need?

Are you new to contracting & unsure to what type of business insurance you need? We will help you decide by assessing your business sector, size & needs.

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If you have any questions regarding contractor insurance, please call our new business team on 01253 362062 or email