We believe that not everything has to be complicated when it comes to being a Contractor. Here at Nixon Williams we have developed a selection of guides, which covers a variety of the most common contracting topics. We believe our guides will help to educate you on your contracting journey.

The guides below are designed to help you better understand certain elements of contracting life. We believe that it is important to provide our clients with the most clear and best possible advice.

Running a Limited Company IR35

Guide to Running a Limited Company

We have compiled a helpful guide to running a limited company for you to download and read at your leisure.

Guide to IR35

What is IR35? We have put together a guide explaining everything you need to know.

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Childcare Vouchers

Guide to Expenses

Claiming business expenses correctly could reduce your tax bill so it is worth taking the time to understand what you can and cannot claim.

Guide to Childcare Vouchers

Here at Nixon Williams we have put together a guide explaining everything you need to know about tax free childcare and who qualifies.

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Pensions Offshore Tax Avoidance Schemes

 Guide to Pensions

We have put together some guidelines to help you understand your options when it comes to planning for your retirement.

Offshore Tax Avoidance Schemes

The risks of using tax avoidance schemes and why effective tax planning is the best way of saving money.

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Flat Rate VAT Personal Service Company

 Guide to the Flat Rate VAT Scheme

Our simple guide explains the advantages and disadvantages of Flat Rate VAT Scheme.

What is a Personal Service Company?

Our guide outlines the advantages of contracting through a personal service company.

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Managed Service Company Agency Workers Regulations 

What is a Managed Service Company?

What is a Managed Service Company and why they are no longer tax efficient for contractors.

Agency Workers Regulations

Agency Worker Regulations regulate the working conditions of temporary workers as regular employees. Find out more in our guide.

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Self Assessment Tax Return trivial benefits 

Self Assessment Tax Return Guide

We have put together a simple guide on the most common questions we receive when completing a self assessment tax return.

Contractor's Guide to Trivial Benefits

 Read our guide to find out what tax-free benefits you can provide to your employees.

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If you have any questions regarding, becoming a contractor, expenses or how to set up a limited company please call our new business team on 01253 362062 or email contractoradvice@nixonwilliams.com