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Mystery Of The Disguised Employee - Infographic

Mystery Of The Disguised Employee - Infographic

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We understand that getting to grips with the basics of the IR35 legislation can be a pretty confusing business. So, we have put together an Infographic that follows the story of Bob the Web Developer, and his journey through the IR35 maze.

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2 Comments for "Mystery Of The Disguised Employee - Infographic"


28/07/2013 18:03:00

I think this is a pretty good and very accessable way of explaining what IR35 is all about. I guess it's designed to bring people's attention to it, and give an initial explanation. Some contractors and freelancers don't have a clue about it! There is plenty of more in depth resources from Nixon on IR35, like the IR35 checker... And the downloadable PDF guide.


27/07/2013 18:22:00

I think by setting out to explain a complex topic with an overly simplistic example you are in danger of some people deducing that if you're not a blatant Friday to Monday contractor, you are safely outside of IR35. If only it were that simple...

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