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FCSA Warn MPs That Genuine Contractors Are Being Stigmatised

FCSA Warn MPs That Genuine Contractors Are Being Stigmatised

The Freelancer and Contractor Services Association have sent the Government written requests to tone down the strong bombast against limited company workers.

The FCSA has sent letters warning MPs to rein in the rhetoric against personal service companies because it fears that genuinely self-employed contractors could be stigmatised and wrongly perceived as ‘tax dodgers’.

The IR35 Forum met a couple of days ago to finalise the legislation overhaul but FCSA chair Stuart Davis expressed concern that the meeting would be clouded by the on-going outcry about limited  company working. 

The association said: “We would like to remind the government and those who are criticising these employment arrangements, that freelance contracting work is undertaken by thousands of workers up and down the UK and is a legitimate and valuable way of working.”

The freelance trade body PCG also recently defended the sector, calling for the “witch-hunt” to stop. 

Mr Davis added: “There is nothing wrong or inappropriate for any employer, including the government to employ contractors at any level of the civil service, if done properly, for the right reasons and where those concerned pay appropriate taxes.”

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