Can Music Help the Self-Employed Stay Productive?

28 Aug 2018

Being self-employed allows you the freedom to listen to your favourite tunes anytime, but should you?

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Hiring your First Employee - What You Need To Know

24 Jul 2018

Contract work piling up? Want to expand your services? Sounds like it might be time for your first employee.

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Oddest Expenses Limited Company Directors Have Claimed

19 Jul 2018

From the essential to the extravagant, expense claims come in all shapes and sizes. Take a look at the oddest expense contracting claims we’ve found.

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Women in Tech: The Future of Contracting

06 Jul 2018

The number of females working in tech has never been higher. Discover what else our latest press release revealed about the contracting industry.

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Father’s Day Gift Guide for Contractor Dads

11 Jun 2018

Stuck for ideas this Father’s Day? Use our gift guide to find the perfect present…

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