Introducing our Contractor Support Hub


Accessing support as a contractor

Although there are many positives to contracting, there are times at which low points come along. There can be a lot of pressure put on you, whether it’s to complete an assignment, find a contract, or anything else. Recent studies show that 60 per cent of people have experienced a mental health issue, where work was a contributing factor. Being self-employed, you don’t have access to a HR department or line manager to fall back on when times get tough. Without these vital services, it may seem unclear as to where you can access support.

Introducing our partnership

We are proud to announce that we’ve partnered with the Samaritans. They offer a free support helpline, run by volunteers around the clock, every day of the year. On average, every six seconds somebody contacts the Samaritans. By offering a safe place to talk, ten times a minute they can help someone turn their life around.

Partnering with the Samaritans allows us to provide you with tailored mental health support, in turn promoting better mental health for contractors and freelancers. Our partnership will allow us to provide you with tailored information and point you in the right direction to speak with a Samaritan.

Helping you get the right support

We understand that at some point during your contracting journey, you may want advice. At Nixon Williams, we believe it’s important that there’s somebody you can turn to. Our dedicated support hub is designed to ensure your welfare and wellbeing comes first; we’ve put together a collection of useful guides, to improve your wellbeing and mental health.