Contracting is on the rise: the number of self-employed IT professionals is heavily outweighing permanent employees in the industry. But not only that, female contractors working in IT is also at an all-time high.

A recent study conducted by our team at Nixon Williams found that in the last year, the number of female contractors working in tech increased by 25%.

Self-Employment and the Gender Pay Gap

In 2017, the number of female IT contractors jumped by 24.6% to 20,648 compared to 16,568 in the previous year. This means that the proportion of IT contractors who are women has reached a record high.

Derek Kelly, CEO of Nixon Williams comments that ‘the pay gap between men and women in IT is likely to be narrowing’. This may be unsurprising as the number of contractors and freelancers in the UK is increasing.

And it’s not a secret that contractors generally earn more than their permanent counterparts. As a contractor, there’s more freedom about the amount you take home and the jobs that you undertake. This, coupled with the number of women emerging in tech shows a promising forecast for the future of the self-employed.

With the future of employment looking more uncertain than ever, employers are looking to contractors to fill their roles more than ever. And if you’re thinking about venturing into the world of self-employment, now could be the perfect opportunity.

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This is a positive step forward for females in IT and we’re hopeful that the numbers will continue to increase year on year.

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Surge in the number of self-employed IT contractors