For company owners and hiring managers, finding yourself in the position to hire help is a positive step. Though the first instinct may be to hire a permanent member of the team, an independent contractor could better suit your needs. Hiring a contractor rather than a permanent employee may prove to be beneficial for a number of reasons.

Contractors can provide flexibility

As your business grows, you may find that you have a fluctuating workload and need additional help to meet the demand during busy seasons. If this is the case, a contractor can provide the necessary help for your busiest times and once the project is complete, move onto their next role.

You can look for a specific skillset

As a company owner, you may come across situations where you need a specialised skillset. Contractors often focus on a particular field and could provide a high level of knowledge and expertise.

If you hire someone with a unique set of skills, this could save you time on staff training and may be an effective way to quickly increase your company’s efficiency.

Hiring a contractor could cost less

Though they typically earn more than their permanent employed counterparts, hiring a contractor could save you money. As contractors are paid a daily rate, this will be calculated on the basis of how much work you require.

In addition, hiring a permanent employee could mean that you incur a number of tax and National Insurance responsibilities which can become costly.

How can Nixon Williams help?

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