If you’re contracting through your own limited company, you will need to have a separate business bank account. This account is integral to the running of your company, so it’s important to make sure that yours is doing enough for you.

Consider these points to check that your bank account is well-suited to meet your needs.

Does your bank account specialise in contractors?

Contractors have a very specific set of needs and it’s not always easy for high-street providers to give the right support.

Just as you choose a specialist accountant it’s equally as important to find a bank account which understands your specialist needs. Doing so will help you to always receive the best level of service and advice.

Do you have access to online banking?

When your lifestyle is hectic and you often find yourself on the go, you should be able to access what you need at all times. And since your working style can sometimes be unpredictable, you should have access to support whenever and wherever you need it.

Does your account handle transactions quickly?

Time is valuable for contractors, so your banking needs to follow the same rhythm as you. You should look for a provider who handles your transactions in a matter of days so your business can run as efficiently as possible.

Does your bank account offer ongoing support?

Support for limited company directors isn’t always easy to find and the right help can make a big difference.

Your provider should be attentive, transparent and always available when you need them. You should also have ongoing support from a dedicated account manager so you’re well-informed at every stage.

How can Metro Bank help?

Here at Nixon Williams, we’re dedicated to making the lives of contractors as easy as possible. We’ve partnered with Metro Bank, so you know you’re in safe hands.

As part of their service, you will receive unlimited store access, ongoing support and competitive interest rates. To find out how more, call us on 01253 362062 or email newbusiness@nixonwilliams.com