It’s that time of year again when thoughts turn to holidays. From our perspective, it’s clear from talking to our limited company contractor clients that work/life balance is a huge part of their decision to go contracting – so we often wonder why more people don’t so it, especially when you look at stats like these.

Taking time off – do we do enough of it?

You’d think that every employee would use their maximum entitlement for the greatest benefit - but surprisingly, new research from Airtours indicates that this isn’t the case at all. Their survey found that 36% of workers would like to take time off, but feel that their working life is too busy and they just don’t have time.

This clearly shows that a normal employee’s work/life balance is far from where it should be, which all adds to the argument for contracting. Of course, contractors don’t get paid for taking holiday, but if you plan your finances accordingly, you’ll be covered anyway. The key thing is to make sure you give yourself enough ‘down time’ so you can do your job properly the rest of the year.

Taking holiday, but not for holidays

The Airtours research also found that 56% of UK workers use their valuable holiday entitlement for far less exciting things that sitting on a beach! From medical appointments and running errands to carrying out other chores or waiting in for deliveries, the reasons cited for taking days off were sadly unexciting, and we can’t help feeling that there must be a better way. And of course, there is . . .

Commenting on these findings, Airtours Commercial Manager Stewart Davies said, “We can't believe that so many hard-working Brits are missing out on their annual leave! With work pressures and hectic daily routines, we all know how much they deserve a break from it all.” Of course, their survey is all about getting people to travel more, but we think the stats speak for themselves when it comes to getting people to think about going contracting instead.