Permanent employment is stable and consistent, but if it’s not working for you anymore, it might be time for a change. Whether you’ve been dreaming of contracting for some time or you’re just considering your options, here are a few signs to let you know you’re ready to make the move.

You’re not progressing

No matter what level you’re at, career progression is important. But when you’re not learning anything new in your role, it might be time for a change. If you don’t believe you can progress your career in any other role, it may be time to take matters into your own hands.

Contracting will give you the control over your career – you can choose which roles to take on and ultimately which skills to learn.

You want flexibility

Permanent employment is stable, but if you prefer to work to your own schedule, can become tedious. And if you’re looking for more freedom, you might want to consider self-employment.

As a contractor, every aspect of work is your decision, from your hours to your rate of pay. Whether it’s family commitments keeping you busy or you simply work best at night, the ability to find your own workstyle could be a key indicator in your decision.

You work best alone

Teamwork is important, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy working best alone. If you prefer to go it alone, you could use this to your advantage when you go self-employed.

As a contractor, you will spend most of your time working alone and you will be responsible for making the decisions.

You have a plan

Self-employment has lots of perks, but work can be unpredictable. If you’ve done the research, put together a plan and you have the funds, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to leave your job.

If this is the only thing holding you back, you should invest some time in research and find connections in the industry to help. LinkedIn could be a good place for you to start forging connections.

How can Nixon Williams help?

In the early days of your contracting career, having the right support available is vital and enlisting the help of a specialist contractor account could make a big difference.

At Nixon Williams, we pride ourselves on the level of service we provide to our contractors. To find out how we can help, call us on 01253 843184 or send us a message.