Ever since the nationwide MP expense scandal of 2009 in which a whole host of claims from the frivolous to the fabulous were dragged, kicking and screaming, out of the woodwork, the spotlight on expenses has been brightened and the metaphorical money belt tightened. Which made us wonder, in Nixon Williams’ world of contracting and accountancy, what have been the oddest contracting expense claims?

We turned to research by HMRC and Twitter to unveil the most outlandish (and denied) claims in contracting. Here are some of the top rejected expenses claims.

A subscription to Match.com

For networking purposes.

Whilst we all recognise and appreciate the relevance of networking when in search of the next job, surely your eye colour, star sign and love of ‘walks on the beach at sunset’ can’t bag that dream contract?

Personalised bobbleheads

A retirement present.

It’s nice to show your retiring client manager how much you’ve appreciated their guidance and co-operation, what better way to say thank you and farewell than through a miniature collection of personalised bobbleheads?

Bouncy castle

For a corporate party.

That five minute talk with a handful of your colleagues about Carol from Logistics around the birthday cake, counts as a corporate event, doesn’t it? Apparently not in the eyes of the taxman.

Armani jeans

As protective clothing.

Safety precautions such as protective clothing are necessary for contractors in such industries as construction and decoration, although we’re not sure Armani are known for their anti-corrosive garments. Unsurprisingly, this request didn’t float well with HMRC.

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Expense claims are a major financial field within contracting and one of the many perks the self-employed look to. Whilst the claims included in this article reside outside of the realms of average, why not explore your limited company expense options with Nixon Williams.

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