Testimonials are an important and often overlooked aspect of contracting, especially when it comes to sourcing new jobs. Having a number of reviews can provide credibility about your service and may even be the difference in you winning a contract.  

To aid you in making the most of this service, we’re sharing our insight into just what client testimonials can do for you along with making the most out of them.  

Why do I need client testimonials?

As a contractor, you are providing a service when you undertake work and reviews are the easiest way for any new clients to find assurance about this service. There are a number of ways in which your testimonials can benefit you.

Reviews can help to create visibility

Setting up a Google My Business page is beneficial as it will allow you to appear in searches from local clients seeking services. To get started, you will just need to make a profile and fill out the details of your limited company, including your contact details and links to websites and social media (if applicable).

There are a number of factors which can affect your ranking (your relevance and distance from the searcher, for example), but creating an account can be a good step to improve your local SEO.

Reviews provide evidence of your services

Customers place a level of trust in reviews and it should be no different when it comes to setting your client’s mind at ease. Your testimonials will provide assurance about the level of your service, evidence of good work and how your skills can help. 

Your reviews can be a valuable source of feedback

Often, your clients will not provide feedback during thecourse of your contract. Inviting former clients to leave a review of your work can give you valuable insight. It may not be ideal to see areas in which you need to work on, the feedback can help you to improve.

Help from Nixon Williams

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