Contracting enables your dad to create the lifestyle he wants, bearing in mind his and your best interests. But what can you get the man who has it all? Celebrate the work of your one contractor this Father’s Day with one of these gift ideas.

Theft-Proof Laptop Bag

Just like keeping their children safe, it’s important for contractor dads to keep their laptops safe too. Perfect for the on-the-go contractor, these laptop bags are designed to perplex anyone not in the know, keeping their contents hidden from prying eyes whilst still looking smart and sleek.

These bags can range in price and style with the Bobby XD Design taking the market by storm.

Coffee Shop Gift Card

Treat your dad to a coffee or five with a gift card to his favourite coffee shop. A coffee shop makes the perfect co-working space, offering a peaceful atmosphere whilst still promising the home comforts of a steady stream of company and, most importantly, coffee, both essential for a productive day in the life of a contractor.

Dad’s Day-Out

Life can be stressful at times for the self-employed, encourage your dad to blow off some steam with vouchers for an experience day. Groupon offers a variety of activities perfect for some light stress-relief, from go-karting to spa days (we’re not judging), all usually available on a local scale and for a fraction of the market price.

Voice-Recording Alarm Clock

Contracting creates career opportunities all over the country, make the sound of your voice in the morning unescapable and unforgettable to your dad with a portable voice-recording alarm clock…he can run but he can’t hide! Kwanwa Recordable Message Alarm Clock is available with Amazon Prime for those of you who may have left the thought of a gift to the last minute.

Retro Pocket Games Console

Even the most serious contractor still loves a computer game. As tech advances into the realms of virtual reality and 4D, give your dad a blast from the past with this handy portable console, a perfect pass-time for on-the-go contractors.

How can Nixon Williams help?

Give your dad the gift of time…Treat your dad to one of Nixon Williams’ advanced accountancy packages to take some of the pressure of your pa, a perfect relaxer just in time for summer.