It’s no secret that an eye-catching CV could be the difference between winning and losing a contract, but constructing that perfect contractor CV isn’t always easy. With the competition becoming ever competitive, many freelancers and contractors are turning to creative means to stand out from the crowd. 

Here at Nixon Williams, we’re sharing our favourite creative CVs for your inspiration and to help revamp your resume and get you noticed by clients. 

Robby Leonardi

Leonardi’s website showcases his skills in a unique and captivating way. As a graphic and web designer, his scrollable resume is simultaneously a testament to his talents as a designer. The game he created is an interesting and memorable alternative to the paper CV and his skills have gained him work with brands such as Fox, G4 and AOL.

Ali Pordeli

Pordeli’s resume is both inventive and graphically striking. An alternative to a text-heavy resume, it draws the potential client in with its interactivity and at every turn elegantly showcases examples of his work in the site’s portfolio. Not only does this display his achievements and experience, but also gives a sense of his personality. 

Pascal van Gemert

Van Gemert’s website closely resembles a traditional CV, at least superficially. However, as a web developer, he has made his resume interactive and easy to navigate. His five-star rating system manages to communicate swathes of information about his level of ability in a brilliantly simple fashion and proves that sometimes, less is more. 

Philippe Dubost

Dubost’s replica of an Amazon page demonstrates both his creativity and sense of humour. His CV does more than just dryly list a series of qualifications and positions held. It engages with appropriate humour, condenses reams of information into easily digestible, easily absorbed graphics and statistics and acts as an audition piece for the client. 

Support from Nixon Williams

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