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Unless advised otherwise, we will form the company with 100 shares at £1 each, all in your name. If you would like some of these shares issued to someone else, please indicate the number of shares each person is to be allocated.

Nixon Williams will automatically complete your PAYE and Corporation Tax registration

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Following a change in legislation, as of 6 April 2008 there is no requirement to appoint a Company Secretary. If you would like some of the shares issued to someone not involved in management, we advise to appoint them as Secretary.

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If your annual turnover is expected to be in excess of £85,000 you will probably need to register for VAT, in any case the VAT Flat Rate Scheme typically saves our clients over £2,000 per annum.

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Using Nixon Williams as your registered address is included in Vantage Platinum but £5 per month on the Vantage Gold package.

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This will hide your personal address at companies house and display Nixon Williams address instead.

Using Nixon Williams as your registered address is included in Vantage Platinum but £5 per month on the Vantage Gold package.

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Your new company will need a bank account, we can assist you with opening an account with Metro Bank, although you are free to open an account with any bank you choose.

Nixon Williams will assist with opening a bank account with Metro Bank. We do not assist in opening bank accounts with any other banks.

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Note that for every client that you refer, your company will receive £95 from us!

Please note that we will perform an online money laundering check on all directors and shareholders. It may be necessary to request further details from you before we can proceed with your application.

Money laundering checks can sometimes be delayed. To assist with speeding up the Money Laundering process you have the option of supplying copies of identification documents to us.

We require one copy ID document from List One and one copy ID document from List Two – you cannot use the same document, we need two separate documents.

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