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Umbrella: An Alternative to Limited

Unsure if going limited is right for you? Choosing to work as an umbrella employee can be a great way to work as a contractor.

Sometimes, contracting through an umbrella company can work better than setting up your own limited company. Nixon Williams, through our sister organisation, Parasol, provides an umbrella service for contractors who do not wish to set up their own limited company.

Parasol ensures that whilst you work for yourself, you will never be by yourself. If you opt to use our umbrella service, Parasol will handle your administration, calculate your tax contributions & any outstanding payments to the HMRC.

On top of this, Parasol also ensures you will be paid quickly & accurately. Parasol prides itself on excellent customer service – so you can ensure that someone will always be available to answer any questions you may have.

If you are interested in contracting under an umbrella company, you can find out more on Parasol’s website.

What is an umbrella company?

By opting to be paid through an umbrella company on your assignments, you effectively become an employee of the umbrella company. The umbrella company provides a payroll service for their employees, processes any admin services (such as timesheets) & pays their employees a salary.

For more detailed information about the inner workings of an umbrella company, you can view our specialist guide.

I am unsure what to do, umbrella or limited?

Umbrella or limited is a question contractors face when taking on a new client. Typically, contractors who have considerable experience in contracting tend to go with limited company formation, with first-time contractors opting for an umbrella company. However, this isn’t one size fits all and will vary depending on the unique circumstances of each contractor.

For more information on the differences between umbrella vs. limited, you can read our guide here.

Do Nixon Williams offer umbrella services?

Nixon Williams do not offer an umbrella service, but we refer clients to our sister company, Parasol. Parasol have been providing high-quality & reliable umbrella services to contractors for over fifteen years and have a wealth of experience in supporting the needs of umbrella employees.

To discover Parasol & the services they provide, you can find information on their website.

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