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News : Limited company contractors welcome Google boost

It’s been revealed that many limited company workers are set to benefit from Google’s latest British efforts. The digital company, who have become famous around the world for their search engine, are currently creating brand new headquarters at King’s Cross, London. This is great news for those in the construction and IT trades.

Google has become one of the most famous companies in the entire world, and they are currently helping to redevelop an area of King’s Cross with their new headquarters. The building development, estimated to cost around £700m, will create thousands of new jobs in Britain’s capital, with the construction industry utilising the welcome boost to their advantage. Meanwhile, it is expected that many limited company contractors and IT specialists will also be utilised as part of the project.

Google’s building plans now mean that over half of the redeveloped commercial space at King’s Cross has been utilised. Construction company Argent said that Google’s high profile move to one of London’s most redeveloped areas in recent times will bring positive effects for the construction industry as a whole. David Partridge, Argent’s director, said: “This is clearly a major step in delivering our vision for King’s Cross and will provide a catalyst for developing the next phase of this unique 67-acre central London location, which will create around 35,000 jobs and deliver over 1,900 new homes.”

Limited company contractors with skills in the construction trade have had a difficult few months, with experts predicting the sector will continue doing poorly until at least 2020. However, the latest development may bring some positive news for contractors.