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Entrepreneurs’ Relief might be restricted as the election looms

29 January 2015

Entrepreneurs’ Relief may not be a headline-grabbing piece of legislation, but the principles that allowed companies which were ceasing to trade to claim relief on any assets that they might be disposed of when the business is wound up, are now under investigation. The belief is that there may be a move to restrict the circumstances under which a business might be able to claim the relief in an......

Contractors’ court costs see astronomical rise

27 January 2015

Nobody likes the idea of having to take a dispute to court and there is a very good reason why most people would prefer to be able to reach a resolution without having to go down the legal route: taking someone to court requires a lot of work in administration, dealing with the court documents and presenting your case. News this week suggests that as well as the time and work that needs to be i......

Umbrella companies still causing confusion

22 January 2015

The news media has provided extensive coverage of how certain umbrella companies are under investigation or have been accused of exploiting workers who work on contracts through them. Because of the rapid growth in the number of people who are choosing contracting or self employment as an alternative to traditional jobs, questions over the legitimacy of some umbrella companies are, understandab......

Women beat men on tax-return timeliness

20 January 2015

HMRC often use the data they collect to draw financial conclusions about the taxpaying populace, by looking at the earning levels of those who submit their tax returns online and forecasting how much they are likely to collect in coming years. However, they are also able work out some information which isn’t necessarily going to inform HMRC policy from one year to the next, but nonetheless ......

Contracting is becoming more popular amongst boomers and millennials

14 January 2015

There were significant column inches dedicated to the rise in self employment in 2014, and the people who are choosing to work for themselves rather than pursue traditional employment are coming from a number of demographics. Women have registered as self employed in higher numbers than ever before, and the number of contractors from the boomer and millennial generations is on the rise as well.......

Call for contractors to complete tax returns

13 January 2015

Everybody knows that doing your taxes is one of those jobs which always seems easier to put off than to actually do, but time is running out for any contractors who need to complete their self-assessment tax return by the end of January. The deadline of the 31st of January applies to both the completion and submission of the necessary forms, but also the payment of any tax owed. The online s......

Forum administration review sheds light on IR35 effectiveness

08 January 2015

HMRC have published the details of the forum review designed to measure the effectiveness of the IR35 legislation which was introduced in May 2012. The results may not surprise those who have been concerned about the practicalities of IR35 since the legislation was first suggested – the implementation of the tax legislation has seen no improvement. Dave Chaplin, CEO of ContractorCalculator, ......

2015 set to be a good year for contractors

06 January 2015

Increasing demand for the services of qualified and experienced professionals should stand contractors in good stead this year, according to those in the know. Most people are aware of the huge growth in self-employment over the previous year which has seen contractors, freelancers and other independent professionals form a large workforce which is demanding increasing recognition from those in......

EU VAT changes take effect today

01 January 2015

Whilst many of us are nursing hangovers and wondering how long it will be before we can face the idea of implementing our new year’s resolutions, there are swathes of people who will be scratching their heads and wondering how on earth they are going to manage the new VAT regulations. Developers in particular will be keen to ensure that they understand how the rules apply to them and worrying a......

Contractors who use subcontractors could suffer under new proposals

30 December 2014

HMRC have announced draft legislation which could dramatically increase the amount of admin work and reporting required from limited company contractors who use subcontractors for some of their work. The proposals would require the contractors themselves to provide a considerable amount of information about their subcontractors to HMRC in order to avoid a significant fine. The potential requ......

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