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Nixon Williams Vs Others


Difference between Nixon Williams and other IT Contractor Accountants ?

Here at Nixon Williams, we take pride in saying we have established a reputable accountancy firm. Our wealth of experience and knowledge in a vast array of fields has contributed to us becoming leading accountants in the UK but we specialise in IT contractors.

We can take care of all your taxes and paperwork so you can concentrate on running a successful business. Rest assured that all the finances will remain under control with our expertise, so as your company grows and time becomes limited, let us assist by doing all the hard work for you. 

What makes Nixon Williams so different?

Fixed Price of £95 
our accountancy service covers all of the essential accounting needs so there are no hidden fees-although we do charge for extra services.

Same Day Response 
If we are contacted before 4:30pm we aim to complete this request within the same working day.

Social networking
we update our Facebook and Twitter profiles with competitions, industry related news and topics on a regular basis.

No leaving fee
many accountants charge their clients if they wish to leave and go to another accountant. But we are so confident with the service we provide we do not seek to charge our clients.

Why use another accountancy firm? 

We don’t have any secret charges and our basic fee covers all the vital accounting needs you require. 

If you are considering a freelancing career in IT but you are unsure where to turn, rest assured that we have the skills to help you make the taxing process straightforward and simple. We are leading IT contractor accountants so for professional advice and guidance and help forming a limited company, look no further than the experts. 

Get in touch with our friendly team today via our live online support chat feature, email us or simply give us a call. We’re ready and waiting to answer any of your questions!