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Transferring to Nixon Williams from your current accountant is very easy. Simply complete our online registration form to sign up as a client and inform the previous accountant that you will be transferring to ourselves so that they have your permission to pass on any details we may require.

We will contact your existing accountant and obtain the details we need from them, generally this is a copy of the latest accounts, supporting schedules, corporation tax details, VAT records and payroll records. Once we have received the details we need we will check that the accounts are in order including checks on the VAT account, PAYE/NIC payments, Business Taxes etc.

As soon as the transfer is complete you can start to enjoy all of the benefits of our service as listed below.

How much will it cost?

There are no transfer fees or charges as such assuming that we take-over at the start of your new financial year. The fees you pay will simply be £95 + VAT per month.

If you have already been trading for a few months when we start acting for you there may be additional fees payable to cover the months you have not been with us, please contact our new business team for details if this applies to you as we can normally be flexible around these charges.

For just £95+Vat per month we offer the following on our Premier Service:


  • Operate your payroll with payslips for each employee.
  • Calculate and issue profit statement for your company.


  • Calculation & advice of VAT returns & payments.
  • Calculation & advice of PAYE payments.


  • Issue and file P14’s/P60 & P35 with HMRC.
  • Issue and file P11d & P11d(b) with HMRC.
  • Calculate and advise of Class 1A NIC payments.
  • Prepare & file annual accounts with HMRC.
  • Prepare & file Corporation Tax return (CT600) with HMRC.
  • Prepare accounts for Companies House.
  • Prepare Companies House Annual Return (AR01).
  • Personal Tax Return for one director, if received by 30th September after the end of the tax year. A small charge may apply if you join part way through the tax year.

As When

  • Dedicated Account Controller including their direct phone number & email address.
  • Unlimited telephone & email support.
  • Ongoing book-keeping.
  • Produce dividend vouchers and board minutes.
  • Deal with any general HMRC correspondence and queries.
  • Advise Companies House of company changes.
  • Deal with change of address for the company and director.
  • Mortgage & tenancy references.
  • Complete National Statistical Office questionnaires.
  • Deal with HMRC investigations were we have done the work, provided you have followed our advice and/or not concealed anything from us.
  • If you decide to cease using our services, your only commitment is to give us one month’s notice.
  • If you choose to move to another accountant, we do not make a charge for the transfer.

Your obligations to us:

  • Send us copies of your invoices.
  • Send us your expense claim form.
  • Send us a copy of your company bank statements.
  • Respond to letters and emails from us.
  • Pay our fees each month.