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All businesses need a bank account, so to assist you with this task we have a facility with Cater Allen Bank (part of the Santander Group), to open bank accounts for our clients. By working with us, Cater Allen can normally open a business bank account within 10 working days (subject to status). The account offers:

  • Easy access by telephone, post and online.
  • In-branch deposit taking available at Royal Bank of Scotland branches.
  • Free banking for up to 30 transactions per month.
  • Regular monthly statements by post and online.
  • View balances, pending credits and payments online.
  • Set up and manage Standing Orders, Direct Debits, transfers and payments online.
  • Full cheque book and banking facilities for Sterling accounts.
  • Telephone banking available from 7am to 11pm, 365 days
  • No minimum balance

Due to this special relationship, our clients are not required to maintain a minimum balance and no charges are payable provided you do not exceed 30 transactions per month.

You are of course free to open a business bank account with any bank of your choosing, however if you do not opt for Cater Allen, we cannot assist you with the opening of the account.

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